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this mail or DM me @changedmynametoterry


Born in Salzburg, Austria, now based in Berlin, I work as interdisciplinary creative. 

You can hire me for various types of writing (as long as I don't have to write product descriptions for shower curtains). My strengths lie in creating catchy headlines, treatments/scripts for both short and long-form content, as well as campaign copy.

When I'm not writing, I'm either behind the camera as a director or in front of the screen as a conceptual creative, crafting campaigns, formats, or coming up with yet another new idea.

I use my creativity and personal experiences as well as those of my environment to work on an inclusive and equal society. My work (not all projects, but mostly) looks at social and socio-cultural issues and inconsistencies. I question stereotypes, criticize and break (passionately) societal norms.


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